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Our Resource Center

At Dakota Property Inspection LLC, our mission is to educate homebuyers to be the best homeowners and empower our clients in knowing the most about their home. 

Our mission is why we put pages like this together on our website. View our resources and recommendations below

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Sample Inspection Report

See a sample of our home inspection reports & get a better understanding of what to expect.

Component Life Expectancy

Find the typical life expectancy for most components that are normally found in homes.

Home Inspection Checklist

Use this FREE downloadable checklist to address what you can and prepare for your inspection.
FREE pdf

Construction & Remodeling Cost Guide

This residential guide provides and average reference cost for repair, remodel and upgrade of the different systems

Prescriptive Deck Construction Guide

This document lays out proper deck construction, spans, fasteners, prohibited practices, and much more.
FREE pdf

EIFS Builder's Guide

This document lays out the installation requirements for EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish System) wall cladding.

Adhered Stone Veneer Guide

This installation guide describes the requirements for the installation of adhered manufactured stone veneer.
FREE pdf