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Blog – Tips to Sell Your Home in the Slow Season

Sell Your Home During The Slow Season!

While spring is the busiest time of the year to sell a home, people buy homes 365 days of the year. As a seller, you’re not limited to one season. If you are selling in fall or winter, make sure to use the seasons to your advantage. Consider these tips to find the best way to stage your home and create the right atmosphere to entice buyers.

1. Prepare your home to sell in Cold Weather

In the colder months, buyers will be interested in any seasonal components, like HVAC systems and insulation. Be sure your home is in working order and eliminate any drafty areas. Clean your HVAC system, replace any air filters, and check door and window weather stripping. These seasonal issues are simple fixes and create a cozy atmosphere for buyers.

Having temperature control systems and other aspects like roofing in good shape is a selling point for buyers looking for a turnkey home and helps you get the optimal selling price for your home.

2. Sell Your Home With Seasonal Outdoor Staging

Even though your lawn may not be a lush green anymore, you can make your outdoors and entryway feel inviting for buyers with seasonal decorations.  Add a fall basket with red leaves or tricolor corn. A winter wreath is a simple way to play up curb appeal.

Landscaping is still a priority in the colder months. Be sure to keep it neat and tidy. A fall garden with some vibrant mums can add color and dimension to a fall yard. Rake leaves and keep flowerbeds neat. If it’s snowy in your area be sure to keep walkways clear of snow and ice to prevent any slips or falls. While your yard will look different in the colder months, a neat and clean design can grab a buyer’s attention before they even come inside.

3. Sell Your Home With Seasonal Indoor Staging

A warm and welcoming interior can be a great selling point for buyers. While everyone may celebrate different holidays, decorations like pinecones or evergreen branches are timeless in the winter season. Incorporate candles with seasonal scents like pumpkin pie, cinnamon and peppermint to add to the ambiance of your home.

A cozy interior is a nice reprieve from frigid temperatures outdoors. Make sure your thermostat is set at a comfortable temperature.

With your new staging it’s important to take fresh photos for your listing. Photos from a previous season can make a listing look dated, so include the most recent photos possible. These simple adjustments can make a house a buyer’s dream home.

To ensure your home is in tip-top shape at the end of selling season, consider a pre-listing home inspection. To schedule a pre-listing inspection today, visit our scheduling page here at dakotainspection.com/schedule.

Remember when shopping for a home in Minot on Zillow, don’t forget to get a home inspection to ensure you make the right decision with all the information you can get.

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